- Department of Glass and Ceramics in Saint-Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Russia. Major in glass art, graduated in 2011. Commenced in 2005 after graduating from Art Lyceum №190.



    Exhibitions and professional experience:



- 2018-2019 - working on personal projects,preparing for solo and group shows in Xi'an, China


- November  2019 - participant of International Exhibition "Metamorphosis" in Istanbul, Turkey.  

- October 2019 - granted an Award of Excellence by Camelback gallery for watercolor "Puddle". Arizona, USA


-2016-2018 - working at "Art Therapy" in various aged care facilities in Sydney, Australia 


- 2018 - participant in Hunters Hill annual art exhibition. Sydney, Australia. 


- Since 2018 - Permanent resident of Australia.   


- March 2014 – participant of the exhibition “Glass in architecture. Architecture in Glass” in Saint-Petersburg Glass Museum on Elagin Island.


- Since February 2014 - member of the Russian Artist's union.


- February 2014 – participant of the exhibition of new members of the Artist’s Union in Saint-Petersburg.


- April 2013 - participant of the "Весна 2013”/ “Spring 2013” exhibition at the centre of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists.


 - November 2012 – participant of the “Осень 2012”/ “Autumn 2012” exhibition at the centre of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists.


 - October 2012 "Young Saint-Petersburg. The beginning. Autumn 2012". Applied arts section.


- September 2012 - January 2013 exhibition of diploma project at Saint-Petersburg Yacht club restaurant "Sails"  


- 2011-2012 working at the restoration of the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


- 2011-2012 (November-January)- apprenticeship at Emma Varga's glass studio in Sydney, Australia.


- 2011 – Fifth Russian Glass Art Triennial Exhibition in Moscow


- 2008-2012 – “Glass on the Grass” annual summer exhibition in Saint-Petersburg.


- 2008 (July-August)archaeological project Por-Bajin, archaeological artefact illustrator and site planner


- 2008 (June)art teacher at children’s camp “Izborsky Posad” 


- 2006 – “Artist’s Union Centre” exhibition “Dialogue with the world” in Saint-Petersburg.


Selected pieces are in private collections (Australia, Germany, Israel, Switzerland and Russia)